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I have a roof put on after Hurricane Charley (2004).The roof is still under warranty.

I received water damage due to the roofing nails backing out and leaving holes. John Wescott (onwer of Wescott Roofing in brevard coutny FL) came to my house recently and saw the water damage. He fixed the nail issue. I have been calling him because he should take care of the water damage to my ceiling.

I have called 3 times, left emails and he will not respond. He needs to do the right thing and do the needed repairs. He claims to do quality work.

That is all fine angreat, but if something goes wrong, he needs to step up and jsut take care of it.It really should not be a big deal.


Cocoa Beach, Florida, United States #1222061

Agreed....I pd 8 grand for a tile roof seems as though I have same tile and he painted it....because I was caring for my father whom has since passed....I was out of state and believe he took full advantage of that


After reading the above letter from a home owner that wasn't happy, well think I have to stick up for Mr.Wescott.

Since he has done our roof we have become very good friends.We had no problems with our roof or any we know he has done.

I have seen him go out of his way to keep customers happy.He has not been in business for over 25 years for no reason.Keep up the good work John, there is just some people that are never happy so they try to make other people as miserable as they are.

to John Swagert #1224209

Well if businesses would be notified of sites like this, that allow just anyone to trash a legit business, it would be a better world.Thank you Mr.

Swigert, there's 2 sides to every story and both of these homeowners are out of line.

Best of luck.

John Wescott

to Anonymous Deltona, Florida, United States #1241423

Thank you.You are 100% correct.

Sites like this should not be allowed.

For all we know, these are someone who owns another company simply bashing us and trying to cause problems.Thank you for being intelligent and informed enough to not fall for it.

Wescott Roofing


To respond to the above complaint, My company did respond to the first call for a leak, The roof was still under warranty but it was also in the contract that Wescott Roofing would not be responsible due to damaged caused by a leak during the roofing process or any time there after.We did fix the leak, due to a nail backing out threw the wood and the shingle.

With time this is a problem that sometimes happens. Wescott Roofing has been in business for over 26 years and dose take care of any problems that may occur. We take pride in what we do and do our best to keep every one happy. Some people try to take advantage of the situation.

Wescott Roofing did agree to pay for a ceiling repair, and even then the home owner call channel 9 and the BBB.

So after that I did back out of offering to help with the ceiling repair.So why cause me problems when I offered to take care of the problem.

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